Frequently Asked Questions

What is “MAAT Group” ?

Maat Group is a Commercial Property Equity Investment company. Maat Group adopts the Egyptian Goddess “Maat” as our symbol – the goddess of Truth, Justice, and Balance.

Can I exit the investment without the property having to be sold?

Yes, you can. Although the investment is more valuable over time we do understand that circumstances arise that may mean you have to exit and sell your share(s). We can help facilitate this for you. When the time comes we will walk you through the process of selling your share(s) in the Investment. You are able to contact us for further clarification on our exit process at any time.

What is Commercial Property Equity Investment ?

Commercial Property Equity Investment is the purchase of Commercial Property as a direct property investment. By investing as a shareholder in a company formed for the purchase of an investment, the investor is able to purchase a larger property with a better yield than what is available if purchasing as an individual. The shareholder becomes a part owner in the property along with other investors. The property is fully managed for investors including property management, financial management, and general administrative duties.

How do I become an investor ?

Any investor is encouraged to read the Product Disclosure Statement and other documents pertinent to an investment prior to investing. We also encourage you to seek independent legal advice prior to investing. The PDS contains the application form for investment should you decide to proceed with investing.
The best way to stay updated with current offers is to subscribe through our website at or by contacting the office to register on (09) 414 6078.

How long do I have to leave my money in the investment for ?

Our Equity Investments do not have any fixed time frame. Investors are encouraged to remain in the investment for the long term as this passive investment can provide capital gain over time. Some circumstances may mean that the investor needs to exit the investment. When this happens, we can assist with the exit and facilitate the sale of these shares to the incoming investor.

Is my investment taxed prior to paying me a return ?

If you are invested as an individual or as a joint partnership we are required to deduct your tax portion prior to your distribution payment each month. Our investments are run as a PIE investment with the tax rates of 10.5%, 17.5%, and 28%. If you are invested under a Trust or company, you may elect a 0% tax rate for your investment.

What fees will I pay ?

The Company formed to purchase the Investment Property will pay for the management for the property along with additional expenses such as accounting or audit fees. These are paid from the rental income of the property and do not affect the distribution rate. The fee structure is set out in the PDS which is available at the time of investment.

How much is the minimum investment amount ?

The minimum investment for our Equity Investments is $50,000. You can purchase multiple shares in each investment up to a maximum of 20% of the share parcels on offer.

How often will I receive distribution payments from you ?

We distribute our returns on investments on the last working day of each month.

Do I get any of the capital gain ?

The capital gain would be paid at the time of the sale of the property. Investors may receive a capital gain payment in addition to their original share price if the property is sold in excess of the total capital paid by investors.

How much do you borrow from the bank ?

Each Investment Opportunity varies but the typical lending amount is 47.5% or lower. Over time through capital gain the loan to value ratio (LVR) should reduce. This is disclosed at each AGM for the Investment.  Bank funding allows an increase in an investor’s return on equity.

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