About Us

Maat takes its name from the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance, and the company is developed on the basis of these principles. 


The Directors have focused on maximising the return to investors, with each purchase opportunity thoroughly researched and analysed before being offered to investors.

Maat Group was formed in 2009 with the vision of creating individual investment opportunities.

The Directors have combined their vast business and personal experience for the benefit of investors by following the fundamental principles of purchasing quality properties which have quality tenants and maximise returns for investors.

Maat takes its name from the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance.  The company continues to expand on the basis of these principles.  Maat is located in Albany, North Shore, Auckland, from where we manage a large portfolio of commercial properties within New Zealand.

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Our Mission Statement

Maat will abide by the principles of the Egyptian goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance. We will place our clients first, by developing and maintaining relationships based on trust and integrity. Maat will deliver the full range of our capabilities, knowledge and resources to provide the highest level of personal service. 

Our Philosophy​

The Maat directors and staff are committed to building strong personal relationships through the twin pillars of
trust and ethics to:

  • Provide investors with the opportunity to subscribe for equity in investment companies which are formed to own each individual property.
  • Enable equity investors to have the right to appoint directors and property managers for the investment company.
  • Maximise returns for investors, through minimising issue costs; minimising on-going management fees and not receiving further remuneration for share transfers.
  • Have transparency, so that investors have sufficient information and knowledge to understand the nature of the product that they are investing in.
  • Give New Zealand residents an opportunity to own shares in a company which owns commercial property in their own country.
  • Purchase properties as individual entities which are required to achieve the assessment criteria we impose for stand alone investments, rather than creating a fund for investment.
  • Retain significant cash reserves to meet the needs for future working capital and capital expenditure requirements.

“Maat’s mission is to share our knowledge and resources and provide the highest level of personal service.”

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