Cameron Road Property Investment Ltd
306 Cameron Road, Tauranga

Settlement completed April 27, 2018

Key Highlights

● *Projected cash return pre-tax of 7.8% pa paid monthly

● 5 level property, build completed in late 2016

● Tenants include Government and Local Authority

● 457 Share parcels of $50,000 offered as an Equity Investment

● Investment is intended to be run as Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) scheme limiting the top resident tax rate to 28%


*projected pre-tax return for a three year period

The Product Disclosure Statement for the offer of B Shares in Cameron Road Property Investment Limited was lodged under the Financial Markets Conduct Act on 15 March 2018. For a copy click here. Alternatively a copy can be found from the Disclose Register (Offer ref: OFR12335). There is other useful information about the offer of Shares being made by Cameron Road Property Investment Limited on the Disclose Register (Offer ref: OFR12335).



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